Lingerie Shopping @ Eve Boutique


eve04When was the last time you spare some time to shop for some undergarments? For me, I have to set a time where I am just by myself and not in a rush to try on different types of bra. Before I found out about Eve, the option for lingerie shopping were department stores and some freestanding stores at the mall. But shopping malls offer so little privacy, there are times where I just don’t feel comfortable enough choosing bras when there’s so many people around.  I guess this was also the reason for Emeralda, the owner, to open Eve boutique, aside from the difficulty that she felt to find her favorite lingerie brands.

By the way, one of the items that caught my attention when I visited the store was the camisole on the left. It’s the one that Carrie wore at Sex and The City the movie, from The Lake & Stars. It looks cute but also provocative in an innocent way.

Us ladies can be very specific when it comes to what we wear underneath our clothes, even though there are also some who just could careless. I happen to believe that beauty comes from the ‘inside’..:D so even if we  have put together a nice outfit head to toe if our parts are not well supported, the end result will not look as outstanding. I also have met many women who are really passionate about lingerie and you know what there’s just something about them. Most of them just look more attractive and have a certain sex appeal. Lingerie certainly is a cheap way to boost up one’s confidence.

Anyway, back to Eve Boutique. It carries brands that we can’t find anywhere else in town, and even in South East Asia for certain brands. I spotted brands like Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang, Victoria Secret, Elle MacPherson as well as Mark & Spencer (They only carry M&S style that can’t be found in M&S Jakarta). In the near future, Eve will bring in Italian lingerie Cosabella, Oscar de la Renta sleepwear and bridal.

Eve understands that the key to selecting lingerie is the fit therefore it offers a wide range of models and sizes from AA to DD in push up bra, full coverage, multi-way, strapless, etc. Since Eve deals with each brands’ principal directly,  the price tag is more or less the same with the original country.

Visit Eve Boutique (Inside art at Home Gallery):
Jl. Wijaya II No 46
Kebayoran Baru