Welcoming Vanya; Not-So New Girl On The Block

vanyaAffi and I are so happy and delighted to bring you this news, we now have an addition to our small but growing family!. Vanya has joined us since September 1 to help us with our marketing strategy and maintaining relationship with client and prospective clients. With her Public Relation background (Academic and experience wise), she will also help us in our new Public Relation division. All I can say is the future looks brighter with Vanya on board..:).

I’ve known Vanya since before I started Fashionese Daily through the blogsphere, she was one of the first batch of Indonesian bloggers, she doesn’t update her blog regularly anymore though but she is active in Twitter and Fashionese Daily Forum.

After some big name companies like Hotel Mulia and Mercantile Club, now you work at Fashionese Daily, why? What do you see in FD?

I never think that FD is not as good as (if not better than) the previous companies I worked with. I have known FD for some times and been experiencing the great progress FD has made over the years. The company might be smaller in size but not in terms of challenges. And the fact that I love the subjects is a great bonus.

Describe your first day in FD?

My first day was unforgettable for sure. I was too excited; I came to the office too early and found out that the door was still locked :p. It was super fun, though. The three of us gathered together and talked about the plans and activities we would like to create and implement. And I tell you, that was not easy. People might think working in small office requires less work. But that is so wrong. I was really surprise to find out that all the team members have a very tight deadline and a lot of things to follow up. And I realized that is how FD manages to reach its position right now.

Where are you gonna take FD to?

To make  more of what FD has reached now. Especially with the new division, PR and Strategic Marketing boutique focusing in beauty and fashion industry. All the team members (including me) is so excited to provide consultation and solution for the clients, especially local Indonesian brands to bring them to the next level of marketing and publications.

Do you think real world PR and classroom PR the same or different, especially with all the new technology?

It’s not the same. But they are supporting each other. Classroom PR gives you understanding about PR theories and fundamentals. However, we know that Public Relations is much more than just text books. Some problems in real life can not be solved just by flipping your books because it’s much more complicated than any role play sessions at school. A good PR practitioner should be able to deliver the facts, educate public without discrediting any party. The key points to master it are by practicing, be creative and up to date with the current news and technology.

How do you stay current with industry news, trends and tactics?

With all the technology we have now, it should be easy. You can keep yourself updated by reading online media. Blogs and online social networking sites are one of the best tools. Definitely FD plays an important role in keeping me updated in fashion and beauty trends.

Describe your fashion style…

You know what, this is the toughest questions you asked me :) I never considered myself that stylish before. My choice of fashion is limited to classic pieces. Jeans, little dresses, shirts and blazers. It’s only after I met fellow FD members I finally add little touch like scarves, shawl or accessories. So I guess I am now a bit stylish than before :)

Three things about you that not many people know?

  1. I am actually a shy person. (See, I can see that you don’t believe me :p) But really I am. And, when I am shy, I tend to talk more. That’s to cover it so no one knows
  2. Before I decided to go to PR school, I was accepted in one of Indonesian reputable university major in civil engineering. It was my auntie who pointed out that since I like to talk a lot, I better start making money with my habit. That was the best decision I made in my life.
  3. The first time I got my eyebrows done was around February last year, by Tje2p, during the first FD gathering I attended.

The following is taken from Vanya’s Blog that she wrote in February 25, I love it a lot so I just have to copy paste it here.

This is why I stick to this group

vanya2Last weekend I went to Purwakarta to attend my friends’ engagement party.
We (me and bunch of friends) arrived at 8.30AM, 2 hour earlier than expected. The traffic was very smooth that day.

Achil welcomed us happily. She has just had her make up done.
So after some ‘cipika cipiki’, she went to put her kebaya on.

She came back after several minutes, with stress looking face. She pointed out her cheek, where you can see her make up broke and showed some smile lines. And her husband to be was about to come in less than an hour.

She asked me to fix it, while of course I couldn’t. I could not even put on a  foundation correctly!
But I could see she was stressing out.

So I texted Deszell and Affi, my 2 FD fellows who have the expertise in beauty and make up.
And the answer came within 10 minutes.
Amal suggested to put some moisturizer, and tap it with powder sponge. While Affi suggested to put spray some water mist and do the same with powder sponge.

I tried it, God knows how nervous I was, even to do such a simple job. Hey, if I ruin the make up, I will have to take all the responsibility!!
But it worked. It really worked…..
It’s a good thing that despite my lack of knowledge and skill, I have a pouch full of make ups and one travel brush set complete with sponge on my handbag. So the beauty SOS kit came in handy.

I was so amazed that I almost couldn’t close my mouth. And I couldn’t help but feeling so proud of myself :p

Yes, that is one reason why I keep on sticking with this FD group.
And I can give you hundred of more reasons…

Thank you for sharing Vanya and for joining the team. Hope you will enjoy the ride..:)

Photo courtesy of Alexander Abimanyu and Irza Rinaldi