Think Globally, Dress Locally: Darwyn Tse & The Majestic Indonesian Bride

DtseIndonesia has such rich cultures since the ancient times that have become great influence to the world of fashion and beauty. From the island of Sumatra with the famous ‘songket’, to the island of Java, with the ‘batik’ and ‘kebaya, just to name a few. I love the great ‘pakaian adat’ from central Java, like Jogja and Solo. The bride and groom, from ‘paes ageng’ to ‘solo basahan’. From the styling of the hair, to the carefully structured makeup to the beautiful ‘kain panjang’. Such elaborate details of the design, color and texture. Any women dressed in them to me should bear the status of a queen.

A lot of preparation goes in the process of making a majestically beautiful bride, like she had to be scrubbed or ‘lulur’ with traditional jamu like the beras kencur, jasmine etc. Then she had to be bathed in jasmine scented water, before she proceeded with the “ratus” treatement. Then comes in the process of making up the bride. Her hair line has to be ‘kerik’ or shaved then painted black with paes. Eyebrows are shaped into the shape of simbar menjangan or the deers’ horns

I think that meticioulous preparation is amazing. I thank the good lord everyday that I’m an indonesian