TO: Black is the Colour of my Soul

First of all before I start I want to clarify, no I did not pout in this picture nor I ever pout in my Today’s Outfit (TO) picture. That is my friend, the wonder of wearing red lipstick and get your picture taken after work. With a little push from Hanzky, I’m now posting my TO here.

In my line of work, there are days where you just have to wear boring black suit. There are times where black is the only option available. So mainly, when I know that it’s the busy period, I just put on the safest colour – black. But I’m actually a person who loves colour, that is when red lipstick become extremely handful in a black suit day. Albeit all the requirement at the workplace, when time permits I prefer to be seen in colour. But this is how I did my black dress last week.


Dress – Zara
Tights – Marks & Spencer
Fringe shawl – Mango
Shoes (not in pic) – Nine West beige Hotpic
Studded bag – Charles & Keith, a gift from my SIL
Ring – Topshop

Here’s a close up picture of the tights and ring