HP OfficeJet All-in-one Series

Just a random mumbling to share what I went through the other day. It’s not about fashion or beauty or anything but I’m a sucker for everything in one products from all-in-one makeup palettes or multifunction Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge to two-in-one shampoo and conditioner and so many other things. Using these all-in-one products can simplify the job I need to do, minimize the effort, time and space consumed, they are just a life saver to any modern being..:D

The product that I’m going to introduce here is HP OfficeJet all-in-one series. At first, I didn’t think I need a printer/scanner/fax/copier at home. After all, my neighborhood is swamped with Warnet in every corner, I can just easily ask someone in my house to hop in there and do whatever I need to do. Until a few days ago, when I urgently needed to print out some documents, I first went to the nearest Warnet only to find out that it is full, there’s no available station to use, even only for a three minutes use. So off I went to the second one that is just two blocks away. Turned out, that one doesn’t have a printing machine. The third one I visited did have a printer, but it ran out of the colored inks…..yikes. Finally, I found the Warnet with working (and equipped with colored ink) and has a vacant computer station at the fourth one. Too bad I couldn’t print the document right away because the computer was off, the guy had to turn it on and I had to wait in front of a dusty computer until everything is fully loaded. Fast forward 30 minutes later, I got my 9 pages print out, paid the Rp. 5000 printing fee and walked out of the Warnet. Now you get the point, it was time-consuming and I’ve wasted unnecessary effort.

On my way home, I just had one thing in mind. I n.e.e.d a printer..and a scanner, oh and add a copier function to the list too since I’ll be doing some administrative things at home. I might as well have the Fax function, I know I probably don’t need it on a daily basis but I’m sure I’ll need it occasionally. I need something to help me keep all office-related correspondence from the convenience of my home, an all-in-one printing solution.

After some research, the HP Officejet All-in-one series quickly caught my attention. Starting with just 750,000 IDR, you can have a multifunction inkjet printer that screams convenience and practicality. Not only it is suitable for Small-office-home-office (SoHo) professionals like, ehm, myself..:D but with a price tag that is on the lower end, it’s certainly a must have for students, entrepreneurs and even stay-at-home mothers or busy corporate slaves. That way, you don’t have to use the equipment in your office anymore (I know it’s free, but if you don’t like the idea of your maid using your home phone then you should not use office equipment for personal use either..:D).

Imagine a sleek gadget that does all the above works for you at the push of a button but without the extra space, wires and power outlet that sits in the corner of your cozy desk, HP offers you just that. And what’s good about HP all-in-one product is each function doesn’t necessarily connected to each other. So say the scanner is broken, you can still use the printing, copying and faxing capability until you get the scanner fixed.

With that said, HP all-in-one provides me the multifunction capability that’s perfectly in line with my needs based on these criterias :

– It’s a budget friendly Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax that offers a lot for the money
– A reliable multifunction printer that does everything well
– Novice friendly, very easy to setup and operate that let you set up the printer and get going in 10 minutes out-of-the-box
– HP offers 24 hour customer service
– Widely available through many authorized resellers
– Sleek design and a real space saver

For more information on HP’s all-in-one officejet products and for a chance to get a prize, please visit :